Here is a quick screen-shot of the standings in the all-star voting. As you can see, the usual suspects are on top.

The second screen-shot shows my vote as of today (I’ve already changed my vote once and this is is likely not my final vote).

Team West

Jakub Stepanek (SEV) – he is flashy and I want to see that in the All-Star game

Clay Wilson (DON) – got my vote because I’m trying to spread the love across teams and nationalistst (except that I don’t have love for Slovakians and didn’t vote for one Slovakian player). 5-8-13 and +5

Sandis Ozolins (DRG) – I’d never get between Ozo and his farewell tour. (Assuming he is going to retire at the end of the season) 😉 This guy needs another all-star game. Oh yeah and he is 7th overall in points (defensemen) with 4-12-16 and +6.

Marek Kvapil (DYN) – When he is on the ice I can’t take my eyes off him.

Alexander Nikulin (SPA) – Again spreading the love. And it isn’t an All-Star game if there isn’t at least one guy named Alexander.

Alexei Morozov (CSKA) – He narrowly got my vote – it was Prokhorkin’s first.

Team East

Jarko Immonen (TOR) – I gif’ed his bloody face a while ago which make this a pity vote. Oh, yeah and he is 8-12-20 and 63.9 FO%.

Enver Lisin (ADM) – I’m completely surprised that he is in the top three of the voting atm. I thought nobody watches Admiral’s games. Thought I might as well vote for him as well so he might actually get in.

Fyodor Malykhin (AVT) – 24 points in 31 games so far.

Denis Osipov (ADM) – He has been the first line defender since the start of the season. He usually plays with Yegor Antropov who is barely 21 years old. Can’t say I liked this pair very much at first but they grew on me and I can see that Antropov has improved dramatically and Osipov is just a good defensive defenseman.

Yaroslav Khabarov (MAG) – The only guy from Magnitogorsk who got my vote (because the usual suspects are already in). Check out why.

Emil Garipov (AKB) – He leads the league with a save percentage of 95.2% (has only played 12 games so far) but that might not be enough to get into the all-star game because most people have used up their votes (only two per team) on the Shaun Heshkas and Alexander Burmistrovs of the league. I voted for Evgeny Ivannikov (ADM) first (because he would be good at the shoot-out), then wanted to give Konstantin Barulin (AKB) my vote. So the goaltender vote is split between Barulin and Garipov, too. Poor, Ak Bars Kazan, saddled with two really good goalies. How can they even stand it? 

Anyway, those are my picks. Who else here has voted?


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