Europe’s hockey leagues – resources in English*

I’ve been asked to provide some resources for the European leagues. My focus is the KHL but there are some links about other leagues I can share.

So, here goes…

HF boards (they have a KHL sections here) – I check for transfer news, season talk etc.

I highly recommend Road to Khabarovsk, a blog about the KHL. The guy running it is on tumblr as well (chunkletskhl). He did a season overview about every club that I found super interesting and helpful. And he always tries to go for the big picture.

I like the KHL official site but they can bury important information in multiple pages. Kennros does a nice job of offering compressed information about the whole league.

I always check out the stat site Elite prospects (transfers, injuries) when it comes to players in Europe.

If you are from the US or UK you should be able to see some live games from Germany (DEL) and Austria (EBEL) at (actually, the streams should be viewable worldwide). also streams a ton of KHL games but they are geo-blocked in most of Europe and the US. Check here for all the countries that are blocked.

Another good source of information (and entertainment) about hockey in Europe is the Forecheck podcast. Their focus is on the EBEL (multi-national league with participation of Austria, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia) but they touch on other leagues as well. Depending on their interview partners the interviews are either in English or German. They talk to coaches, players, officials etc. The people behind the podcast do the ServusTV (satellite channel) hockey program. They show some games (Hockey night is Sunday) of the DEL and EBEL. I’m in Germany so I can only see the DEL games. But the channel ServusTV isn’t locked and if you are in Europe you should be able to get it over satelite (more info about the frequency here).

I enjoy “Joining the Rush“ – a video show on youtube with one Russian guy and one Canadian. Focus is on the NHL and KHL. They had a lengthy pause but are back now.

So, that’s all I can think of for now. If you have more, write me and I will gladly update the post.

*Englisch für Reingefallene


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