Constantin Braun (#90) and Sebastian Elwing (#25) of Eisbären Berlin after they won 4:3 against Frölunda Indians in the European Trophy match on Dec, 22nd.

Elwing’s mask shows the old “Dynamo Sportclub” logo of Eisbären Berlin. It was used from 1954 until the end of the GDR. SC Dynamo wasn’t just an icehockey club – there were departments for gymnastics, football (until 1966), swimming, rowing, figure skating, athletics etc.

SC Dynamo Berlin was assigned to the MfS (Ministry for Security, also known as “Stasi” – the intelligence agency of the GDR) – much like Dynamo Moscow is associated with the KGB. I’m not sure how much influence high ranking members of the Stasi had in the club. It has been said that the reason the department for ice hockey wasn’t shut down in the 1970s was because Stasi chef Erich Mielke was an ice hockey fan.

The football department BFC Dynamo and its successors could never shake the tarnish of the Stasi association. The best players had to be traded to BFC, games were said to have been fixed (with both officials and players involved).

SC Dynamo played in the “world’s smallest ice hockey league” against SG Dynamo Weißwasser (Saxonia). Weißwasser had a lot more fans (regularly filling the open-air rink with a crowd of 15,000 people) and there were rumours of the refs favouring SC Dynamo.

I always wondered that the association with KGB (Dynamo) and army (CSKA) is what keeps the Moscow clubs from having many fans. Yet I’ve never heard this explanation (it might be a well-know factor that just doesn’t make it into English forums).


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