Quiz of the day: What’s the connection between the person in the above photo and the group in the photo below?

Hint: They are all born in Russia but I’m not looking for spatial relations. 😉

(I will reblog this post with the answer and the photo credits in a few days.)

Maxim Kovtun (photo credit: ISU facebook page)

Valeri Kharlamov, Boris Mihailov, Vladimir Petrov (photo credit: Hockey Gods)

Answer: They were all trained by members of the Tarasov family. Maxim Kovtun worked with Tatiana Tarasova. She is a coach and coregrapher of figure skaters and ice dancers (Mao Asada, Brian Joubert, Bestemianova/Bukin). She’s the daughter of Anatoli Tarasov who build the hockey program of CSKA Moscow, worked there for over 20 years and coached the Soviet Olympic team to 11 world cups and 3 Olympic gold medals.

Read this article about Anatoli Tarasov’s career (or google translate). Having to draw with Czechoslovakia in 1972! Kids with old papers for knee pads! And check out the stylish toque Tarasov is wearing in one of the photos.

Kovtun has done better in the Russian Championship than Evgeny Plushenko, prompting Plushenko to call off his start in the Olympics.


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